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About WET:

A comedy about porn, sex, female friendship and figuring yourself out. 

Holly and Sophie are frustrated. They’re frustrated by their failing careers as filmmakers, frustrated about how absurdly expensive life is in London, and seriously frustrated by their sex lives. In an attempt to do something about it all, they decide to write and make a feminist porn film. Along the way, they make some discoveries about their own desires and sexuality.

Wet was written in collaboration with Grace Carroll and Bryony Cole, who wanted to write a play that dealt with issues such a feminist porn, and sexuality in a fun and joyful way.

As a starting point, they put out an anonymous survey asking women about their views about porn. They were overwhelmed to get over 150 responses, showing women had a lot to say about the subject. Using this research they wrote their first draft of Wet. 

Extracts were shown at Herstory: A feminist Theatre Festival and E & C Writer’s Night. A draft of was selected for a read through event Ink or Swim at The Hope Theatre.

Wet had a week-long run at TheatreN16, London in April 2018 and a week run at Perdu Theatre, Amsterdam in October 2018.

Praise for Amsterdam Run of Wet


Perdu Theatre, October 17th-October 24th

Cast: Tessa Stephenson, Nastassia Firestone, Amélie Onzon, Shane Redondo, Errol Mc Cabe, Hiske Bongaarts, Technician: Bram Giebels, Backstage: Meda Januškaitė

“Cleverly written, hilarious + completely relatable for women everywhere. WET is a true laugh-out-loud masterpiece” – I Wander and Roam

“The writers discussed pornography with groups of women whilst researching and their conclusion is the same one that Holly and Sophie come to: female arousal is hard to bottle; it’s ours and ours alone.”- Amsterfam”

“The main focus of the play is that communication happens to be the most important thing in a relationship (either a long-term one or just a one-night stand) — the courage to be open, to become vulnerable, to accept the differences, to not be ashamed of saying what you want. “- The Amsterdamian

“Absolutely LOVED it! Incredible script and cast.”- Boom Chicago Theatre

“The characters were realistic + so relatable, the pacing was excellent + the humour was so on point. It was a really refreshing experience for me.” – Katherine Scott


Praise for London Run of Wet

Theatre N16, April 29th- May 3rd

Directed by Rosemary Maltezos, Cast: Tamsin Newlands, Claire Heverin, Matt Daniels

“Pornography is created for the male gaze. This is a fact, something that is wholly unfair, and an issue that Screw Productions aren’t going to take lying down. WET is two women’s journey through the myriad of porn, break ups and personal sexual discovery, and leaves the audience feeling hopeful for the future of feminist sexual gratification.”★★★★ Underdog Reviews

“By confronting a serious matter in a playful and comic way, Cole and Carroll manage to start the conversation about women and porn as naturally as asking if someone wants a cup of tea.” ★★★★★ Ruth Cornish Writes

“As a comedy, WET‘s unabashed scrutiny of porn’s tropes will have the audience laughing. It is, however, on the subject of what women really do want and do, versus what they ‘should’ where the pertinent issues surface.”★★★★ Breaking the Fourth Wall

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